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Like you (probably), I am a regular coffee drinker. My wife keeps telling our friends that I’m a coffee addict; which I insist I am not! I always reply that I might drink 5 or 6 cups a day, but I can stop anytime and go without my caffeine shots!

I was first introduced to coffee by a friend who drinks his coffee black with no sugar or cream (or milk if that’s what you prefer to call it). Being lactose intolerant, I naturally took to coffee black. 99% of the time I drink it straight black with no sugar. The 1% of the time is when I encounter a black coffee that tastes so bad that I am compelled against my better judgement to add sugar in an effort to make it drinkable. But each time, it has proved futile, sugar in coffee only serves to ruin it more! I guess that makes me a coffee purist? But one who drinks instant coffee? Well call me an instant coffee purist then!

I started working in a cafe as a university student almost 20 years ago. The cafe was owned independently and not part of a chain or franchise. The owner was and still is a discerning coffee drinker and took pride in his brew. After graduation and several years in a regular job, I had the opportunity to co-own a cafe. That involved personally selecting the coffee machine, grinder and beans. In the process I learnt quite a bit about coffee, sourcing and suppliers, how to grind and make a high quality espresso, what to look for in a superior cup of coffee, etc. I remember how we would get European customers who complimented us on having the only real espresso in the city!

So when it comes to knowledge and appreciation of coffee,  I am probably at least above average.

While I enjoy an espresso with imported beans sourced from afar and made with a high-end coffee machine, I do not snub the simple instant coffee. In fact I drink instant coffee exclusively at home. My background has therefore led me to try many different varieties of instant coffee out of an interest to find some of the better if not best instant coffees. In practice, I don’t stick religiously to a best instant coffee. Instead I have several acceptable options which I will buy depending on availability. I’m also a sucker for a sale and will buy any of the acceptable brands if I happen to be running low and see it discounted.

One of the interesting trends is that I find myself increasingly shopping online. I suppose it’s the combination of the wider range of products, often lower prices,  the convenience of ordering without having to drive or walk and having free doorstep delivery. You can
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