Homemade Mocha with Instant Coffee and Hot Chocolate

Do you enjoy a Mocha? I certainly do! Even though I usually drink my coffee black and unsweetened, I love both coffee and chocolate which can be easily combined for a homemade mocha. Besides being an indulgent treat, it’s also a stomach filler for times when I feel a little hungry in between meals or before going to bed. Certainly less sinful than having cheesecake or chocolate cookies at midnight!

Coffee and Hershey’s Chocolate

There are several ways you can make a Mocha at home. I used to squeeze Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup into my coffee with milk, which is how a Cafe Mocha is done in a coffee shop. That was pretty nice. Till I discovered Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix.

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix

Coffee and Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix

My current go to chocolate caffeine fix is a spoonful of instant coffee with Swiss Miss. Swiss Miss comes in a variety of flavors. I’ve tried Milk Chocolate, Rich Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Sensation and Marshmallow Lovers. My favorite is Dark Chocolate Sensation followed by Rich Chocolate. I find both Milk Chocolate and Marshmallow Lovers too sweet but you might have a sweet tooth!

Low Calorie Choice

For weight watchers there is Diet which has only 25 calories!

Mocha Cappuccino

If you want a hot chocolate with just a hint of coffee, give Swiss Miss Mocha Cappuccino a shot. You don’t even need to add coffee although you can if you prefer more caffeine!

Price Per Cup

Using Swiss Miss adds around 20 to 30 cents to each cup of coffee depending on where and the quantity you purchase. That’s pretty pocket friendly and well worth it for Mocha or chocolate lovers.

It’s much better value to buy multi-packs. Even though you can buy single packs for much less upfront, they end up costing 3 times or more per serve. So go ahead, grab some Swiss Miss for your homemade Mocha fix!

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Swiss Miss official page: www.swissmiss.com

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