Moccona Douwe Egberts Instant Coffee Review

Douwe Egberts or Moccona might not be a household name to American consumers, but the brand is well known in select professional coffee circles and Europe as one of the leading coffee roasters. The Douwe Egberts brand originated from The Netherlands (aka Holland) in 1753 as a small store owned by Mr Egbert Douwes. If you are from Australia, Douwe Egberts is the parent company of the Moccona brand which it launched Down Under in the 60’s.

Douwe Egberts Pure Gold and Pure Indulgence ReviewMoccona aka Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee

When i owned and operated a cafe, we used Douwe Egberts beans and were highly commended by customers from Europe who complimented us on having one of the best espressos in town. Some of the winners of contests for the best coffee in Australian cafes also use Douwe Egberts exclusively so the pedigree of this brand is proven. However what really matters here is how their instant coffee tastes so let’s get on with our Douwe Egberts instant coffee review!

Douwe Egberts and Starbucks are as different as chalk and cheese. One is European, the other is American, but the differences don’t end there. While Starbucks tends to be acidic and bitter, Douwe Egberts instant coffee is very smooth with nary a hint of sourness or bitterness.

The Gold variety is a good option for those who have tasted the brand while in Europe or Australia and are accustomed to or prefer a mild, smooth coffee. If you prefer something more intense, you can try the Pure Indulgence variety which is a darker roast with stronger character and aroma. Personally, I find the Gold version too light and prefer the dark roast. But again I am someone who drinks coffee straight – black with no sugar, cream or milk so my preference is not necessarily the same as yours.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Douwe Egberts definitely makes a fine instant coffee in keeping with their long tradition in coffee roasting. It is very different from Starbucks and therefore a great choice if you are looking for an instant coffee but do not like the typical Starbucks coffee (I’m referring to having coffee black not a frappucino in which case this is review is irrelevant). Douwe Egberts Pure Gold instant coffee is smooth with little acidity and bitterness. If you prefer a more robust coffee body then go for their Pure Indulgence line.

Cost Per Cup

Douwe Egbert Pure Gold works out to about 13 cents per cup and Pure Indulgence costs a little more at 14.5 cents per serving.

This is one of the instant coffees I personally drink and it helps that it tastes good and costs 4 to 5 times less per cup than some of the competition.

You can also purchase Douwe Egberts Pure Gold instant coffee in a pack of 200 individually wrapped sticks which is great for travelling or office drawer. This option works out to just over 23 cents per serving. That’s 10 cents more per serving than buying it in a jar but still way cheaper than a Starbucks VIA!

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